Friday, April 15, 2011

The Quality of Modern Day Journalism

Recently, we have spoken a lot about blogging in class. When we were looking through the various blogs, we discussed how a blogger must be constantly updating his or her blog. At least every hour, he or she must post something new. I was just on the New York Times website when I noticed that certain articles were posted a mere minute ago. It made me think of the life of a blogger who must constantly be updating and posting new blogs. 
This is another interesting new development for the modern day journalist. Instead of taking the time to write a well written story for the upcoming paper, even though there are always deadlines to meet, journalists now have to be the first ones to launch a new story and not only for tomorrow's newspaper, but for the right now online news. This means that there is whole new element of pressure for journalists to really be the first ones to cover a story. 
This makes me wonder, because these journalists are in such a rush to publish their breaking news stories, is the quality of writing and journalism at a lower caliber now?


  1. I don't believe that the quality of the journalism would in any way be lowered by the 24 hour publishing of articles, but it is possible that the quality of the writing might get worse, but for the most part I don't think people read blogs for their savvy writing, but more for their content.

  2. I agree with that about blogs, but that wasn't exactly what i meant, maybe I wasn't clear the way I wrote. I meant is the quality of the writing of these online newspapers now lower because of the rush to get a story out quickly, rather than having just one publication each day. Meaning that ya blogs are a lower level, but they're not officials newspapers so that's not such a big deal, but are official newspapers now writing at the level of a blogger because of the pressure to be the first to launch a new story.

  3. I don't think so. There is a marked difference, both in content and style, between the articles found in daily newspapers and the blogs of those newspapers. Blogs do have to be on top of their game, in the sense that they must be up-to-date, witty, and fast-thinking. Journalists also must be on top of their game, but in terms of excellent writing, and accurate information.

  4. I think that the writing in print newspapers will not be lowered. However, online papers are the ones facing the pressure of breaking the news first.
    I think that both the quality of the writing and the content may be lowered. These publications would rather be the first to break the news than be well written. Also, they may publish a story right as it breaks before checking all of the facts.

  5. I think that regarding online news and blogs investigative journalism is at risk, because bloggers hear a story and want to release as quickly as possible without looking into the story to question the validity or bias etc.. I think that since the blogging world is the new upcoming way of both giving and getting information the quality is lowered and I don't think that the excuse is that it's online and that only newspapers have the job of quality well-written news but that blogs should too. I think people don't take the time and since internet is a huge modern outlet for news people should take more time to release concrete good quality news.